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Studio Pazo is a twentieth century modern furniture and design gallery in Toronto, Ontario Canada. We have new location 219 Queen St East. Toronto

iittala 2018 collection
*Note prices listed in US dollars multiplty x1.3 for Canadian dollars


Large metal Jax
Prices are each
$53.95 black
$64.95 silver
$75.95 copper or gold

Post-Apocolyptic Birds by Jeremyville limited edition of 10 each
$1200 Annalee (one leg bird) 
$1300 Levon (skull) Jethro (sitting) Travis (with sun on head) $1400 each Sherman (totem)




Krenit bowls now in stock
$21. small: 8.4cm x 4.1cm
$45. Medium: 12.5cm x 5.9cm
$60. Large: 16cm x 7.1cm
$125. XL: 25cm x 14cm
$180. XLL: 38cm x 12cm
$35. Dish: 16cm x 2.8cm


Spring is here and the birds are here at Studio Pazo